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How it works:

For birth announcements, just give us a call after the baby has been born to let us know when the new mother and child will be discharged. Before mom and baby come home from the hospital, we will set up one of our "Super Stork" or "Big Headed Baby" signs to greet them! Our 6 foot tall signs are personalized with baby's information; first & middle name, date of birth, weight and length and the best part is the new parents get to keep the personalized keepsake!

For celebrations, just choose the type of display from our critters list and tell us what you want written on the sign.  Use one of your own or choose one from our suggested phrases. 

We usually only need 24 hours notice to be able to deliver a sign to the recipient. Sign rentals are available for 4 or 7 days and we will be by to pick up the sign in the evening of the last rental day or the following morning.

Do you know someone who’s expecting?  Having a special birthday?  Or maybe your child’s sports team just won the tournament!  Don’t miss out on announcing your celebration to the neighborhood!


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